Matrix opal 27.34 carats

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Nice even pattern throughout the stone. The photograph doesn't do it justice as the stone diffidently look better live as do a lot of Queensland matrix opal.

Colour in general: The matrix is a nice piece ideal for a pendant design. Predominant green colour pattern seams to penetrating right throughout the entire stone. On the reverse side a mauve blue section of lightly scattered  pin fire is notices as well as a green section.

Measurement:  39mm x 21mm x 4.10mm in thickness.

Weight: 27.34 carats.

Origin: Australia.


Opal has a reputation for bringing good luck and fortune.
Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances the imagination and creativity. It helps you release inhibitions and it is said to enhances the memory. It is also said to be a very spiritual stone, and can help you be "invisible" in situations where you don't care to be noticed. It has been known to bring happy dreams, and also to ease the process of change.
Opal is a silicate containing water and correlates with the emotions; it clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). With this comes less inhibition, more spontaneity, free visualization, clearer imagination, and more vivid dreams. (My Crystalaura ref.)


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