Handmade Opal Silver Necklace

  • $285.00

HANDMADE. Sterling silver Australian Boulder opal necklace.

"Scenic" Ocean and sunrise. Wearing could make every day brighter. Appealing ideal for constants wear.

A free form cyclic quadrilateral type. Layered colours from whitish, red and blue colour bands toward the base. Opal play, pin fire colours throughout the stone.

Opal measurements: 11.41mm x 8.54mm x 4.62mm depth.

Opal weight: 2.98 carats.

Necklace length: 44 centimeters.

Contains 3 hallmark stamps:

1) 925 carat value,
2) The Australian gold & silversmith guild which is a diamond shape outlined kangaroo head.
3) Makers stamp, T and underlying dot.

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