About us

Jiedy Jewels is a small Australian family jewellery workshop and are proud to say that every piece displayed is Australian made.

We design and make each piece from hand selected precious and semi-precious  gems stones sourced from around the globe. 

We like to specialise in Australian opal because of the unique and beautiful patterns and conformity that are found in the formation of the stones within different mining localities.

No two opals are the same and therefore presents exciting opportunities in  the design of unique pieces using these exquisite gemstones. 

Our workshop is staffed with qualified Australian trained jewellers and Gemologist.  We also have a certified Jewellery valuer with many years of expertise and knowledge of the gemstone industry. 

We take pride in the quality of our jewellery and the authenticity of each piece and as such our catalogue of jewellery will always focus on quality rather than quantity.

Each jewellery piece is either handmade or chosen from our master range of hand set and finished articles.                            -        

Thank you for showing an interest in our jewellery selection.

We hope we may be of assistance to you.