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Why you need Jiedy Jewels Engagement Ring.


With the growth of the synthetic diamond market sophisticated equipment needs to be used by train professional to identify between the rapidly advancing perfection of the new synthetic diamond and natural diamond detection.

This poses as a great risk to online buyer who purchasing loose diamond parcels, old or new diamond jewellery or even modern produced antique look alikes. The possibility of buying synthetic diamond unknowingly is endless.

Single diamonds only purchased through Jiedy Jewels over 0.50carat (1/2 carat) upwards will carry an independent diamond grading certificate by a renowned grading authority body.

This diamond certificate will show the following. The grading body / grader. The registration number of your laser engraved diamond girdle, accurate weight, cut proportions, colour grading, clarity findings.

Our registered gemologist / jewellery valuer will also verify the diamond grading report to make sure the diamond laser cert number on your diamond girdle matched and check the other remaining data. So the certificate and stone both match.

If 12 months jewellery insurance applies to your purchase this will commence from the start of your jewellery item shipment.  For Australian resident only

A complimentary twelve months jewellery insurance for your protection.



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