Budget Engagement Ring

“I DO”  Budget corner

Looking for engagement ring to fit your wallet. Try to reduce financial pressures when purchasing your engagement ring etc.

What about Jiedy Jewels “Budget Wise Designs”. Wear the look of the real Bling from this day forward at a fraction of the cost.

We suggest purchasing your quality genuine ring design set with modern diamond simulants which may be change into real diamond of your colour grade and clarity when finances permit.

Jiedy Jewels quality settings are available in 14ct, 18ct white gold, yellow gold, palladium and platinum

When you purchased your original ring. You can start with the quality ring / mount from the beginning and admire along with its sentimental feeling from the start of your romantic commitment. Your gold ring can ages gratefully along with you and your partner.

And this is where “WE DO”. Later return your quality mount with the diamond simulant to Jiedy Jewel. Then your chosen dream natural diamond are change into your exiting ring / mount, polished, cleaned. Along with your diamond simulant are return by insured, signature required back safely to you.

No one will ever know. Hope we can be your help.

What are diamond simulants? Diamond expert  may have difficulty with the naked eye detecting between cubic zirconia and diamond when set into jewellery. There are several types.  Two of the most convincing are moissanite and cubic zirconia.  We use cubic zirconia the optical readings are near to diamond. Cubic zirconia have a very good hardness nearing sapphire. Cubics have good durability and dispersion properties. Lab created diamonds, synthetic diamond is also obtainable by us