Why Platinum?

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It might be your shining star!

Jiedy Jewels says “why not introduce you to our favorites working metal found on our planet – platinum”.

We prefer its beautiful grey white luster, long lasting, density, high melting temperature, superb malleable all purpose, Gem highlighter, non-colour invasive setting ability, hypo allergenic properties,  low oxidative resistant 950 alloy, platinum..

Yes while handmade it may take possible twice as long to produce an item in platinum to a similar one in gold but the end result will speak for itself over time. While other metals may lose their looks, shape and brilliance to some degree.

The good vibrations of platinum seem to gleam with its long lasting ability as it reaches towards the hands of the next generations as only platinum knows how to do so well. Your design may end up an heirlooms or antique of tomorrow. Plus make our maker’s hallmark famous. 

So if you like the sound of a futuristic piece of jewellery try our platinum 950.  

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