Styles and Ideas of Engagement Rings.

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The classic halo can create excitement when view and adds bling to your life.

A halo design can also bring the best out of your favorite gemstone. This fine cluster engagement ring will shine and look completed from a conservative smaller or larger gems of your choices. It’s a real all-rounder.

No wonder it has become so popular from the lady Diana’s famous sapphire cluster which has been talk about so much from then to today.

The halo cluster setting can also act as a protector for softer or brittle gem materials when used as center stone. As the valued, precious or meaningful gem is surrounded by the hardest substance knowing to us, diamond. This circular halo acts like solders on guard protecting the gem stone in the center.

Halo’s for this reason are ideal for using center stones such as an emerald, tanzanite, opal or rare gems such as Chrysoberyl, alexandrite, Benitoite or sort after colour such as the Paraiba, tourmaline.

The gems materials that you can use can use in your halo is endless. You can now chase that special gems from your favourite  part of the world. Halo can make the impossible possible for you. 




The single stone diamond ring is always a stunner. “Show off that diamond”.  Solitaire’s never fail to bring out the fire of a nicely selected 1 carat diamond, time after time. Let us help you choose your  gem  and design your rings. Make use of our qualified in house gemologist/registered jewellery  valuer or our master jeweller/designer. 

The natural octahedral diamond crystal form has previously been use at the commencement of the solitaire diamond ring. But it did prove a difficult challenge for the first goldsmith to set due to it awkward shape.

Around a 3rd century AD it has been found out that the natural octahedral diamond shape could be altered by the introduction to possibly cleaving and cutting which marked the start of our faceting industries.

From this point gems faceting evolved to make the diamond more acceptable with setting into a ring by the goldsmith from this period in time the solitaire trend has started. The solitaire become a more wearable jewellery design through the century to follow. The acceptance of the diamond ring grew favorably and soon became acknowledged as a symbolic of the fidelity promise with the marriage vows.   “Loyalty without end”




 In modern time solitaire has given way to a broader term. It can comprise of a center stone with fine grain set shoulders etc.

Some engagement rings of today.



Three stones designed ring are very popular engagement ring today. The trilogy ring gives off the big dream look. Colour stones such as sapphire, ruby etc. are enhanced by the side diamonds.

Trilogy ring can be an endless designing field as combination of diamond types can be chosen. Such cutting shape such as oval, cushion, emerald, princess, asscher and round brilliant cut etc. These diamond cuts can be chosen as centre stones with another different cut to highlights the sides.

Shoulder on each side of a trilogy three stone can be left plain or diamond paved with small round brilliant diamonds or penel diamond even coloured gems have also been us to round off the look adding great advantage to the style.

 Trilogy settings never seen to age from the classic hand pierced collets holding the diamond. Collect designs such as pierced shield or bird cage collets have been popular in the past and even today are in demand. Open settings such as a plain bar support seen under emerald cut stone. Fancy cut collets can be designed for the individual ring design.


Antique five stones are extremely popular such as DEAREST ring. London bridge designs.


 Let us help you with your design engagement ring in mind.



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